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 Duran Survey

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PostSubject: Duran Survey   Thu Jun 28, 2007 7:08 pm

Copy and repost w/ your answers

1) How long have you been a Duran Duran fan?
Since I was a little girl

2) Who is your favorite guy?
Simon (but I love them all)

3) What is your favorite CD from them?
Currently, it's Pop Trash

4) What are your favorite DD songs?
Lady Xanax is my current favorite.
The Chauffuer, Playing With Uranium, Union Of The Snake, Hungry Like The Wolf, Who Do You Think You Are, Lava Lamp, Starting To Remember, Nice, Bedroom Toys, Astronaut, Sunrise, Serious, Come Undone, Ordinary World, Femme Fatale, Skin Trade, Wild Boys...I could go on and on, love them all

5) What are your favorite DD videos?
What Happens Tomorrow, Serious, Wild Boys, Come Undone, Ordinary World

6) Do you remember seeing your first DD video?
Oh yeah, it was Hungry Like The Wolf

7) Favorite DD member side project or solo effort?
Arcadia AND JT's solo stuff

8. What would you say to your favorite DD guy if you met him?
Well, I would 'try' to say, Hello, nice to meet you, but, my nerves might make that a challenge.

9) What's a favorite line of yours from a DD song?
"Truth is, I can't stay away, No, I wanna let you light my volcano"

10) Do you like JT's solo stuff?
Yes, I love it! Mister J is a talented man.
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Duran Survey
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